Welcome to the FABRIKA the beer pub

Where the magnificent beer FABRIKA is brewed and the excellent beer of the trademark the beer Pilsner Urquell is draught.  You can read more about all these beers in the part Our beer and We draw beer. Of course each beer lover knows that it is very important how the beer is draught and this is very important for us, this means that if you get wrongly draught beer you can get it replaced.

Not everyone is a beer lover and if you don´t prefer beer, we have in our offer more than 200 sorts of carefully selected wines from the whole world with a strong presence of the best-known Slovak wine producers.

After opening our web-site, probably we don´t have to specify what our BEST SELL is. There is no doubt; it is our famous FABRIKA burger. Of course in our menu you will find also many other tasty dishes prepared from the finest raw materials from which everyone can choose.